Excess heat or excess cold disrupt sleep. Maintaining moderate bed temperatures improves the quality of sleep. We spend nearly 3000 hours on bed yearly. That is nearly one third of our lives, which is more than the time we spend in our cars or working desks. It is therefore extremely important to invest in good bedding system that is able regulate temperature of your bed for an undisrupted sleep. For this, uCoolz Mattress Pad is the solution.

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Heat pumps are all CE certified and come with 12 months warranty* 

Heat Pump Technical Specification
• Input Voltage: 220V-230V
• Maximum Power Rating Cooling: 160W
• Adjustable temperature range: 8°C to 48°C
• Features: Timer, Sleep Mode, Last Setting Memory
• Remote Control Batteries: 2 x AAA batteries (Excluded)
• Detachable Hose length: 160cm


uCoolz - Cotton
Topper Material: Poly-Cotton sew with silicon tubes 7cm apart running vertically
Cooling Performance: Moderate
Heating Performance: Good

uCoolzTemperature Control Mattress Set
​(Enhanced Version for Cooling)
Topper Material: Quality Synthetic PVC 
Cooling Performance: Excellent
Heating Performance: Excellent

*Please note that current mattress pad is WITHOUT bamboo charcoal cotton​*
Single Zone Control

Single Size: 70cm x 190cm      
(1 Heat Pump/1remote)

​​Queen Size: 150cm x 190cm   
(1 Heat Pump/1remote)

​Dual Zone Control

Queen Size: 150cm x 190cm  
(2 Heat Pump/2remote)
One bed, 2 temperature control

Single Zone Control

Single Size: 90cm x 180cm      Usual:S$999              Now:S$788
(1 Heat Pump/1remote)


​​Queen Size: 140cm x 160cm   Usual:S$1088             Now:S$888
(1 Heat Pump/1remote)

​​Dual Zone Control

Queen Size Dual: 140cm x 160cm Usual:S$1399   PROMO:S$1088
(2 Heat Pump/2remote)
One bed, 2 temperature control

King Size Dual: 180cm x 180cm Usual:S$1499        Now:S$1388
(2 Heat Pump/2remote)
One bed, 2 temperature control ​​​

uCoolz - Cool Gel Mattress Pad
Is your bed too hot? Does your air-con escalating electricity bills? Are you sensitive to Air-Con or Artificial Wind?
Sleep on 2-7°C lower temperature than most mattresses with our uCoolz cool gel mat. It adopted advanced Macromolecule aqua-compound gel polymer that imported from Japan. This gives the mattress superior ability to absorb our body heat and regulate our sleep temperature. It is durable and environmental-friendly. It is non-toxic and harmless, soft and elastic, which is ideal for bed mattresses, pillows, sofa covers, car seat covers and sport mats. Sleep cooler while using less air-conditioners.


This product is made of 100% cotton on the surface and Macromolecules Gel in High Viscosity inside, which will not flow out even if the cotton surface is broken. The Antibacterial Medical Silica gels are directly from Japan. It is non toxic and harmless. It is often use to treat fever.

Clinical Test
Laboratory Tests shows that uCoolz Gel Mat has superior ability to absorb heat than most other mattress and sleeping mat.

Available in 3 Sizes: 

______________________________________Usual Price           PROMO!

​​30cm x 40cm
Suitable for Pillow, Car Seat, Sofa.                            S$66                    S$  38

60cm x 90 ​cm

Suitable for Sofa, Single Bed and Double Bed        S$158S$ 88

90cm x 140cm
Suitable for Sofa, Single Bed and Double Bed            S$208                   S$ 158

uCoolz - Cool Gel Mattress Pad

Order yours today and start saving 90% of your Air-Con bills
Sleep Cooler, Sleep Better
Never ​​toss around to find
​cold spots ever​​
Old version. Not Available
Old version. Not Available
*Warranty is limit to heat pump only. Not inclusive of mattress pad. For replacement of mattress pad, please contact us for the price