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1) How low can it goes? What is the temperature range?

Ans: It can go down to 24/25°C in a normal room temperature. It can even go down to below 20°C in low humidity condition. It largely depends on ambient temperature and humidity. It is already very cold to sleep on even it is just 28°C or 29°C. This is very different from Air-Conditioners. 28 or 29°C is still 8°C below our body temperature. You are going to sleep on it for the whole night and it is absolute very cooling as you are directly contact to it. The temperature range is 8°C to 48°C.

You can use your air-con as dehumidifier. That is, set it to 30°C and change it to dehumidifier mode. In this way, it can go lower and your air-con will not consume much electricity as well. Just like in our showroom, the humidity is much lower than outside air it can easily reach 20/21°C. 

2) Why does the temperature of the heat pump rise when I am lying on it?

Ans: That is because your body heat has been transferred to the coolant but the heat pump will continue to draw out the heat in order to drive the temperature down.

3) Why is it that it can only go down to 24/25°C under normal room condition in Singapore? 

Ans: It is sort of intelligent control. In high humidity condition like in Singapore, it is limited to 24/25°C to prevent condensation.

4) 25°C is not really cold enough. I usually set my air-con to 16°C.

Ans: This is very different from Air-Conditioner, 28 or 29°C is still 8°C below our body temperature. You are going to sleep on it for the whole night and it is absolute very cooling as you are directly contact to it.

5) Will it cause Rheumatism?

Ans: In fact, if you search the internet on Rheumatism, it is no longer medical term in use. They call it rheumatoid arthritis and they do not associate with sleeping on cold surface. Even the TCM associates Rheumatism with cold and hard ground. No wonder our parents told us not to sleep on the floor. So it is the joints coming into contact with cold hard ground that may have some linkage to Rheumatism. But if your bed is soft, it should have no problem.

6) How long can the product last?

Ans: It can be turned on 24hrs a day and it can last for a long time. According to manufacture's specifications, the cool plate can last for 7years without deterioration. After 7years, the plate can be easily pulled out and replaced.

7) How much does it cost to replace and repair?

Ans: Our Company limits all its repair and replace of parts to be less than S$100. This is a commitment to our customers.

8) Is there any Service Center here?

Ans: Yes, you can bring it to our warehouse at Woodlands area. We will guide you to troubleshoot any problem by yourself first. There is also an online video to teach overseas customer to troubleshoot and setup.

9) Is there any health benefit associated with this product?

Ans: You can use it for Sauna or thermal therapy. It improves blood circulation. My father used it to cure his cough. Whenever he had a flu or cough, he would use the heating function for sauna and sweat it out. Then he'd says that his cough/flu has been healed. Most of us use it for cooling, so that we can sleep better without air-con. Sleeping better is already a great health benefit.

10) How can it improves our sleep?

Without uCoolz, you may find yourself tossing around on your bed to find a cold spot to sleep on. 1 hour of out the 8 hours of sleep are possibly spent on tossing around. With uCoolz, you do not need to toss around to find a cold spot but of course, if you set it too cold, you may eventually toss to find a warm spot.

11) What is the power consumption? How much can I save?

Ans: The power consumption peaks at 160W and 80W to maintain the sleep temperature. This translates to about 20cents per night (8 hours usage). Comparing to air-con, which is about $2-3 plus per night, you can save about $60-90 per month once you start using uCoolz

12) Is there any Certification?

Ans: Our products are CE certified. There are 5 safety features inside to prevent the product from overheating.

13) Is there any difference between the white pad and the bamboo cotton version?

Ans: The white version is our previous version, which is made of poly cotton. Tubes are sew on it 7cm apart and run vertically only. Our current version is synthetic PVC mat that are printed with networks inside, for water to flow both vertically and horizontally. That is why the cooling effect is much better. It is also more suitable to use in Singapore as our weather is hot & humid.

14) What are Auto Mode and Manual Mode?

Ans: When you are using Auto Mode, it will try to drive down to the temperature that you set the first hour. On the 2nd hour, it will increase the temperature up to 30°C . That is because, our survey shows that 30°C is the optimum sleep temperature. (30°C for our sleeping mat is very different from switching your air-con to 30°C ) 30°C is still 7°C below our body temperature and it is directly in contact with you. You will still feel cool on your bed.

15) What is Single Zone and Dual zone?

Ans: Dual Zone means the whole bed can have 2 temperature setting. (E.g. you can sleep at 29°C and your partner can sleep at 27°C ) We recognize that more than 80% of the couples have different preference on sleep temperatures. Having a specific temperature for both parties is difficult. What is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable to the another person. Dual Zone allows you to control temperature independently. With that, no more argument for couples on temperature control. Single Zone means that the whole bed is set to one temperature only. You and your partner will have to share the same temperature.

16) What kind of water does uCoolz Mattress Pad uses?

Ans: Normal tap water will do. Do not filter away the chlorine as chlorine deters bacterial growth.

17) Do I have to change the water?

Ans: Typically, you just have to add a little water if it prompts you. The water tank is air tight. Water in the mattress pad can last a long time. (Say 6 months or so). If you would like to change the water, you can drain it out by pushing the key provided as accessory into the hose. Water will then flow out then you can connect back to the pump and pour in new water.

18) What is the length of the hose that connect the mattress pad with the heat pump?

Ans: Standard hose is 160cm. You can purchase additional hose from us.

19) Why does the heat pump emit hot air when in operation?

Ans: All heat pumps work from the principle of heat transfer. Heat from your bed is transferred to the heat pump by water that act as heat transfer agent. Heat is then transferred to the atmosphere. However, it is unlikely that the heat transferred to the atmosphere will increase your room temperature by even 1°C.

20) Can I place the heat pump further away from my bed?

Ans: Yes, Some customers place their heat pump in their bedroom toilet or outside their room. You can buy an extension hose to connect it.

21) How much power does the heat pump consume?

Ans: uCoolz Mattress Pad uses less than a tenth of the energy as compare to a normal air-conditioner. It uses 160W at the peak and only about 80W to maintain the temperature.

22) If the heat pump is not working, can I open up the casing to check it?

Ans: Warranty will be voided if the inner warranty seal are broken. You are not supposed to open the casing of the heat pump. You should consult our Technical Support through online form or call us during office hours. We will assign a customer service representative to assist you.

23) What are the factors that affect the temperature range?

Ans: Temperature range depend very much on the ambient temperature, body heat, insulation of the blanket and the bed sheet.

24) Can I wash my uCoolz Mattress Pad?

Ans: Yes, please hand wash it gently without scrubbing the surface. 

25) How much noise does a heat pump make?

Ans: Noise level is kept to the minimum. With our current improved version, the noise generated during operation is less than 20dDA, much like the sound of a USB fan.

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