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This is a consolidated tips from users of uCoolz around the world.

uCoolz Mattress pad make use of heat transfer principle to transfer the heat from your mattress to the heat pump and dissipate it through the vent of the heat pump. This technology is common use for heat transfer for CPU and fridge use in car.

Users of uCoolz place the heat pumps under their bed or at a place where you want to direct the heat to. Some users place it near to the window where heat extracted from the bed can be blow out of the window. Or at a level higher than your bed as hot air rise and level below the heat pump remain cool but most commonly, it is being place under the bed.

Extension tubing of heat pump can be purchase as accessory.

It is recommend to use it with your window open so that air exchange can be done naturally. Sleeping in a well ventilated room also has several advantages.

• Oxygen level in your room should not deplete over time unlike Air Conditioner where there is     no air exchange.

• It is also less prone to air-borne diseases.

• Our skin tends to be less dry as compare to air conditioner where much of the humidity are     being removed

With that, it is a much healthier choice to sleep with uCoolz and window open. It is also recommended to turn on the fan for air-flow movement.

Temperature of uCoolz Mattress pad depends on several factors, such as, ambient temperature, body heat, types of bed sheet, comforter and insulation of blanket, ventilation of the room.

Under normal situation our body emits 120-160W of heat but as we go into deep sleep, our body emits much less heat, typically 60W to 80W. With that, uCoolz can reduce it load and keep the temperature constant.

Setting the temperature at 23°C means the heat pump will work at full load when the temperature is 25°C and above. When it reaches 24°C, it will go into sustaining mode which is half load.

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