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Save about $60 - $90 dollars of your monthly Air-Conditioning Cost by using uCoolz

Air-Conditioner uCoolz
Low Operating Cost • 4m by 4m room takes up 1200-1600w to cool down to 25°C typically. This translate to $2.60-$3.50 for 8 hours usage in Singapore • uCoolz uses a maximum power of 160W to start up and about 80W to maintain the temperature. This translate to 17.5 cents for 8 hours usage in Singapore
Oxygen Level in Air • Need to use in an enclosed environment. Typically Air-Conditioner System for home do not have air exchange. Air inside the room will be recycled over and over again. As such, oxygen level will deplete over time • No need to use in an enclosed environment. Can be used with your window open and still feel cool or warm on your bed. As such, oxygen level will not deplete over time
Dryness • Air-Conditioner dry the air and our skins • Does not affect the humidity of the air
More Control • Single Temperature control for the whole room • Dual Zone control for a couple. One bed, Two person, Two Temperature (Individual Control)
Portability • Not Portable. Unable to transfer from room to room • Portable. Able to transfer from room to room
Installation • Need to engage professional for the installation • Simple installation - anyone can do it
Maintenance • Need to engage professional to top up gas and clean periodically • Just vacuum the filter to remove dust periodically.
Initial Setup Cost • Higher initial setup cost • Lower initial setup cost
Reliability • Air-Conditioner uses Compressor and moving parts that are subject to wear and tear • Uses thermoelectric plates. Non-moving part and hence are not subject to wear and tear
Environmental issue • Air-Conditioner cools everything in your bedroom. Including all your furniture. Energy is used to cool the unnecessary. • More environmental friendly. Cools only your bed instead of the whole bedroom.
  • Uses CFCs and HCFCs - Potential to deplete our ozone layer. • Does not use any gas that harms our environment.
  • More energy is needed to run it -Increase Carbon Emission and Promote Global Warming • Use only about one tenth of the energy use by Air-Conditioner. An Environmental Friendly option

uCoolz vs Air-Con

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